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Nutcracker Cast List 2012

 Nutcracker Cast 2012


PERFORMANCES December 14-16, 2012

CAST A: Friday, December 14 at 8.00pm & Saturday, December 15 at 2.00pm

CAST B: Saturday, December 15 at 8.00pm & Sunday, December 16 at 2.00pm

Act 1, Scene 1

Clara:     Kaitlyn McFadden (B) /Abbey Weed (A)

Fritz:       Eiley Kent

Dr. Silverhaus:   Clay Skiff

Mrs. Silverhaus: Chelsey Hulsey

Prince:  Zachary Speciale                                

Understudy: Michael Sherrod

Drosselmeyer:   Ken Roberts

Clara’s Friends:  Madison Rea, Megan Sonnevelt-Bixler

Fritz’s Friends:   Noah Hulsey, Michael Sherrod

Party Girls:           Madison Goldman, Megan Gonzalez, Sarah Harvey, Morgan Hulsey, Averie Owens, Sophia Templeton

Understudies: Emily Baldwin, Meleah Wood

Party Boys:           Everson Armstrong, James Devereaux, Dayton Hollway, Andrew Sosa

Party Moms:       Emma Armstrong, Riley Monk, Allyson Pfluger, Angelica Ybarra

Party Dads:           James Baker, Tyler Brewster, Xavier Garcia, Tyler Guthrie

Maid:     Kelly Taiclet

Kissy Doll: Georgia Lupton                             

Understudy:       Kaitlyn McFadden

Soldier Doll: Mallie McNeill                          

Understudy:       Abbi Roane

Act 1, Scene 2

Mice:     Lauren Baldwin, Hailie Beckwith, Meagan Combs, Rowan Dryden, Annabeth Dusek, Julianna Elliott, Brooke-Lynn Wamer, Chloe Hudman, Taryn Jones, London Lack, Sophie Sandlin, Aryna Williams

Understudies:   Lillian Searsy, Kate Ward, Franchesca Untalan

Soldiers: Emily Baldwin, Madison Goldman, Megan Gonzalez, Sarah Harvey, Morgan Hulsey, Eiley Kent, Averie Owens, Madison Rea, Megan Sonnevelt-Bixler, Sophia Templeton, Meleah Wood, Chelsea Shepherd

Understudy: Mallie McNeill

Rat King: Kyle Davis

Rats:       Jabyn Cleere, Paige Nehls, Trinity Southall, Yessica Tarango

Snow:    Emma Armstrong, Jocelyn Baker, Victoria Barker, Georgia Lupton, Kelsey Minzenmayer, Riley Monk, Allyson Pfluger, Abbi Roane, Kelly Taiclet, Leah Seifert, Madison Webber, Angelica Ybarra

Understudies:   Jabyn Cleere, Paige Nehls, Trinity Southall, Yessica Tarango, Abbey Weed

Act 2

Angels:   Lauren Baldwin, Hailie Beckwith, Clara Cotton, Keira Dryden, Annabeth Dusek, Paris Lack, Lillian Searsy, Franchesca Untalan, Kate Ward, Sarah Young

Hot Chocolate Leads:        Emma Armstrong, Kyle Davis

 Understudy: Georgia Lupton

Hot Chocolate Corps:      Jocelyn Baker, Georgia Lupton, Trisha Pfluger, Kelly Taiclet

Understudies: Trinity Southall, Madison Goldman, Sarah Harvey, Yessica Tarango

Coffee lead:         Madison Webber (B) /Angelica Ybarra (A)          

Coffee Attendants:           James Baker, Tyler Brewster

Tea Leads: Mallie McNeill, Abbi Roane

Tea Corps: Ellie Armstrong, Madison Goldman, Megan Gonzalez, Sarah Harvey, Kaitlyn McFadden, Eryn Merz, Chelsea Shepherd, Yessica Tarango, Abbey Weed

Candy Cane Lead:              Hannah Hoffmaster (A) /Cari Whittenburg (B)

Candy Cane Girls:               Molly Guevara, Hope Halfmann, Hannah Hoffmaster (B) /Cari Whittenburg (A)

Marzipan:             Kelsey Minzenmayer (A) /Leah Seifert (B)

Cake Bakers:        Emily Baldwin, Morgan Hulsey, Eiley Kent, Averie Owens, Madison Rea, Megan Sonnevelt-Bixler, Sophia Templeton, Meleah Wood

Mother Gingers:                

Gingerbread Girls:            Meagan Combs, Rowan Dryden, Julianna Elliott, London Lack, Sophie Sandlin                         

Understudy:       Lauren Baldwin

Gingerbread Boys:            Everson Armstrong, James Devereaux, Dayton Hollway, Noah Hulsey, Michael Sherrod

Dew Drop Fairy: Allyson Pfluger (B) /Riley Monk (A)

Understudies:   Kelsey Minzenmayer, Leah Seifert

Flowers:  Emma Armstrong, Jocelyn Baker, Jabyn Cleere, Georgia Lupton, Allyson Pfluger/Riley Monk, Leah Seifert/Kelsey Minzenmayer, Paige Nehls, Trinity Southall, Kelly Taiclet, Madison Webber/Angelica Ybarra           

Understudies:  Trisha Pfluger    

Sugar Plum Fairy:  Victoria Barker

Understudy: Riley Monk

Cavalier:   Xavier Garcia


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