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Community Classes

 Adult/Teen Ballet Barre            1hr             Teen/Adult
 Classical ballet classes for those who want to learn or continue previous training.  Class includes work  
 at the ballet barre, centre work, and across the floor dance combinations.  Attire may be loose,
 comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion and freedom of movement or students may follow
 the SACB Academy dress code.  Ballet shoes are required.


 Pilates Mat Class                    1hr              Teen/Adult
 Pilates mat class provides a beginner level workout focused on abnominal work, flexibility and upper
 body strenghtening.  



 Salsa                                     1hr              Teen/Adult     

 Salsa dancing is a rich blend of Latin-American and Western influences. Derived from the Spanish word
 for "sauce," the dance is aptly named for the flavor or "spicy" technique it centers upon. With room for
 both partners to strut their stuff, this method of dance is becoming increasingly popular. This class is
 taught by Dorothy Noriega.

 Salsa Shoes:
 Something with a leather sole and heel (women may wear character dance shoes - NO


 Yoga                                     1hr               Teen/Adult   
 Yoga involves a range of different positions and sequences along with breathing techniques designed to
 make the body function as optimally as possible.  Yoga consists of physical poses that promote
 steadiness and comfort both physically and mentally, alleviates strain and tension and encourages the
 relaxation of targeted muscle groups.


 SACB Community Class Fees:          

 All Community Classes are $15 per session, payable at the time of the class. Attendees are
 encouraged to purchase a punch card good for 10 classes.

 Community Class Punch Card may be purchased for $100. ($50 savings!)